10 Incredible Photos of Banana Art #FruitDoodles

10 Incredible Photos of Banana Art


Stephan Brusche is a Netherlands based artist who has become quite famous for his fruit doodles; his most popular being his banana art. He brings playing with your food to a whole new level! It all started when he was bored at work and just wanted to post a picture of his snack on social media; then he thought to himself Hey, this banana would look cute with a little smiley face. And voila! Banana art was born. Scroll down to see more awesome banana masterpieces from Stephan Brusche.


banana art 1

Source: paoloruffini


banana art 2

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banana art 3

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banana art 4

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banana art 5

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banana art 6

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banana art 7

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banana art 8

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banana art 9

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banana art 10

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