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Many county’s in America do warn people about answering their doors when home alone. Many intruders would come in groups,┬áknocking or ringing the doorbell. When the unsuspecting victim opens the door they would rush the door and shove their way through.

When you’re home alone, most police suggest you look out your window first to see who is knocking. If they continue to knock, do not pretend not to be there. You can ignore the knock on the door and continue your normal activities, this will prevent a burglar, who may want to invade an empty home. You can ask what they want, and if they want to “interview” you, or ask you a few questions, have them slide the question under the door.

In today’s world, it’s always better safe than sorry. You should never open the door for just anyone. Remember some people can dress to impress but have ulterior motives.