9 Disney Princesses Re-Imagined as Different Races

Have you ever wondered what Disney Princesses would look like if they were different races? I know I have! In a recent look into the tendencies of Disney when making the princesses, most happen to be Caucasian. One artist though it might be interesting to see what the Disney Princess crew would look like in a new light. And here is what they came up with:

Egyptian Meg


Source: boredpanda

Jamaican Aurora

sleeping beauty reimagined

Source: buzznet

Indian Ariel

ariel reimagined

Source: pinimg

Spanish Snow White

snow whte reimagined

Source: burdo

Hawaiian Pocahontas

hawian pocahauntas

Source: boredomtherapy

African Jasmine

african jasmine

Source: thatsenuff

Japanese Geisha Cinderella

japanese cinderella

Source: nonewz

Middle Eastern Belle

arabian belle

Source: geekology

Asian Tiana

chinese tiana

Source: imgur