15 Accessories That Will Ruin Your Adult Life

15 Accessories that will ruin your adult life

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It’s always hard to part ways with your clothes, especially when they’re your favorite, and you’ve spent practically your entire teenage life wearing them.

But you’re an adult now, and it’s time to give your wardrobe a makeover.

Click next to see 15 clothes adults should never wear.

1) Tutus


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Only kids should be allowed to wear tutus.

Kids love to wear tutus, and they look incredibly cute in them, too. Adults wearing tutus, however, look like drunk college girls who partied too hard at a rave.

The bold colors might make you think of them as a fun and bold fashion statement, but seriously they’re not fashionable when you’re a working adult. They make you look unreliable, and oh yes, unhinged.

As much as possible, avoid pieces of clothing that stand out too much. You’re not in high school. You don’t need that kind of attention anymore.

2) Cat Ears

Cat Ears

Source: Imgur

Cat ears make you look cute, but not so much when you’re an adult.

Whether it’s a headband or a hoodie, cat ears aren’t very adult-like. When someone wears them, either they’re trying to cosplay some animated character, or they’re convinced that they look cute with them.

And yes, they do look cute, on little kids, but they won’t help you get or keep a steady job unless you work for a professional cat lady.

Do yourself a favor and give your cat ears to someone a lot younger as a gift before someone has you committed.

3) Short-Shorts

Short shorts

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Wearing a pair of short-shorts to show off your nice legs isn’t a very mature and adult-like thing to do.

It doesn’t matter if you have a fit body; you shouldn’t wear a short-shorts outside if you’re an adult.

Of course, if you’re at the gym or doing repairs or maintenance work at your house, that’s perfectly acceptable. However, if all you want to do is show off your buns of steel to the world, letting your butt cheeks hang out at the grocery store is not the best way to go about it.

4) A tie and vest with no shirt

Tie and vest no shirt

Source: Instagram@ilosmosis

Do not wear this combo unless you are a rock star.

Back when rock music was the most popular and influential genre in the music industry, the tie and vest combo with no shirt was largely worn. Rock stars wanted to rock this look, and so did their fans!

Of course, as time passed, the trend slowly died, and even rock stars themselves stopped wearing the combo.

If rock stars themselves are abandoning the trend, there’s no reason why you should hold on to it. Let it go.

5) Plaid Pleated Miniskirts

plaid mini skirts

Source: Instagram@luluredgrove 

These are only acceptable if you are a high school girl or pretending to be one.

Plaid pleated miniskirts can look nice on you if you’re a teenager who’s still in school. However, if your college graduation is a fond but distant memory, a plaid pleated miniskirt only going to look like a schoolgirl costume. Either that or you’re trying too hard to look young.

Pleats, plaids, and miniskirts are okay, just not all at once. If you want to look professional, and more like your age, try pencil skirts. They’re classy, attractive and timeless, and they make you look like a successful businesswoman.

6) Tattoo Choker Necklaces

Tattoo Choker Necklaces

Source: Buzzfeed

The extremely popular tattoo choker necklaces in the 90’s should just be left in the past.

These necklaces were loved in the 90’s, so it’s no wonder millennials find it hard to let them go.

High school kids liked to wear them to show how bad ass they were. If you’re no longer in high school, you might want to get rid of your tattoo choker necklaces forever.

Not only are they tacky on an adult, but they also scream ‘childish’ and ‘goth.’ Plus, they will never match your business attire.

If you feel the need to wear something around your neck, why not wear a thin gold or silver necklace with a tiny pendant that doesn’t scream “I’M TO SCARED TO GET A REAL TATTOO.”

7) Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic Tees

Source: Pinterest

Graphic t-shirts displaying your thoughts or favorite celebrities aren’t that cool in adult life.

While it was indeed cool to wear graphic t-shirts everywhere in your teenage years, as an adult, it’s not so cool anymore.

If you have something to say or want to let the world know what animals, bands, or places you love, be an adult. Open your mouth and use those highly developed verbal communication skills.

Replace your graphic t-shirts with dress shirts. If you have too many of them, donate them or give them away to younger family members who don’t yet know how ridiculous they look.

8) Drop-Crotch Pants

Drop Crotch pants

Source: WhyOfFashion

Those pants with an unbelievably low crotch are better suited for people like Justin Bieber, please.

It doesn’t matter if your favorite rapper or hip-hop artist wears them. Don’t wear drop-crotch pants. Drop-crotch pants are pants with a stupidly low crotch, worn by world-famous artists like Justin Bieber. They don’t look cool at all—if anything, they make you seem like you need a diaper change.

Drop-crotch pants are hard to resist in a world where swagger is more preferred than classy, but if you want to hang around classy people, you should also be one.

9) Butterfly-printed Clothes

Butterfly printed clothes

Source: Lystit

You are not in elementary school anymore, ditch your butterfly-printed clothes.

Having drawings or images of butterflies on your clothes is cute when you’re six. If you’re around 20 years older, then that’s a different story.

Only kids and Mariah Carey can wear butterfly-printed clothes. So again, unless you are six or have sold over 200 Million Records worldwide, take off the Swallowtail tank top.

If you want to wear animal print clothes, try leopard or zebra-print clothes. They’re more elegant and attractive.

10) Cargo Shorts

Cargo Shorts

Source: Flickr

Some people say cargo shorts are for nerds.

If you still wear cargo shorts, stop! Not only do they repel women, but they also make you look like one of those archaeologists from a low budget Temple of Doom knockoff. Talk about Indiana Jones-ing for a girlfriend.

People who are determined to sport these shorts are often seen as trying too hard to look fit or masculine. In most cases, you just end up looking childish, like you might have a frog or something slimy you picked up from the playground in one of your huge of pockets.

The bottom line is that cargo shorts are just plain unflattering and unattractive on anybody, which again is a bad thing if you’re trying to win a date.

11) Backwards Hat

backwards hat

Source: Marlin Crawler / Twitter@backwardsswag

Wearing your hat backward was cool in the 90’s, but it’s almost the 2020’s already so ditch it.

A hat backward was another popular trend in the 90’s, and you have to admit it made you feel cool. The backward hat, however, is an indication of a cheeky and somewhat douchey youthful rebellion.

Picture a high school guy smoking cigarettes at the gas station and rollings his eyes when an adult gives him useful advice. You look like that guy.

Now that you’re an adult, you have to turn your hat forward and be that annoying adult that gives the same advice to the high school kids smoking at the gas station.

12) Tube Tops

tube tops

Source:  GinInATeaCup.com

Tube tops are for teenage girls only.

Tube tops are okay if you just snuck out of your parent’s house to go to a pep rally, or if you’re a college girl hitting up fraternity row.

If you’re in your mid-20’s now, you should think about getting rid of your tube tops. While they probably still make you look alluring, it might give people the wrong idea about you.

If you need to look enticing, you might want to try a slinky camisole. It’s seductive, but it doesn’t make people think you’re trying too hard.

13) University Hoodies

university hoodies

Source: Flickr

University hoodies are called university hoodies for a reason—they’re not for adults who have already graduated.

Just like short shorts, University hoodies are also an acceptable indoor attire—especially during the cold months. If you need to go outdoors, though, change into something more adult-like.

You don’t want people thinking you’re wearing a hoodie from a tacky tourist shop or that you’re still fresh out of college at your age and unemployed.

It’s a university hoodie, and it’s going to make you look like a college student no matter how you try to dress it up.

14) Laddered tights

laddered tights

Source: Instagram@p0p5ick0

What’s considered hot in college may not be hot in the working world.

Laddered tights were a huge hit in college—they’re fun, carefree and seductive.

When you’re in college, you can barely afford a new pair of tights every time they get ruined after a night out. It’s a lot more cost-efficient to keep wearing the laddered tights when you only have $60 of mad money for the month. Plus they make you look rock star rebellious.

Unfortunately, you’re not a college student anymore. You’re an adult, and you most likely have a job, which means you can afford new tights when your current ones get damaged.

15) Festival Wristbands

festival wrist bands

Source: instagram@xue_ying_liu

Festival wristbands aren’t the accessories for working adults.

It’s common to show off multiple festival wristbands if you’re a college student who gets to go to music festivals while all your friends at Grandma’s for Spring Break.

When you’re a working 40 something, however, five-day-old festival wristbands don’t look so cool. If you want to be seen as a responsible adult, you should learn to cut them off.

And while you’re at it, invest in a good timepiece. There is nothing more embarrassing than being late and hungover from Coachella at your Monday morning meeting.

There are many things you need to do as an adult if you want to survive the real world. And while changing your wardrobe may sound stupid, you’ll see in the future that it’s a good investment that will take you to good places.