Another Reason To Hate Debbie In The Office

Source: BlogSpot

Every workplace has its roles: the comedian, the flirt, the layabout. Most are easy to live with (and most of us have been one of them at some time or another), but there’s one everyone despises: the office lunch thief.

Discovering on an empty stomach that your food is gone is enough to send a person into a fridge-destroying rage that ends in primal screaming and a long talk with HR. What sort of monster takes the only food a coworker has for the day? Apparently, in this office, that monster is Debbie.

The only real revenge here would be to strap Debbie to a chair and force her to watch everyone eating her lunch, but as that’s likely to get everyone fired, someone at this company employed the next best tactic: passive-aggressive notes. At least ten sheets of paper identifying food as “not Debbie’s” can be seen in this photo, which perfectly illustrates what happens when you give hungry, vengeful people free rein to use the supply room.

The biggest question isn’t even “who is Debbie and why aren’t her parents in jail for raising her to be a savage barbarian?” The biggest question is how much food does Debbie steal that what’s in the fridge requires so much protection? Is Debbie the human equivalent of an F5 tornado? Will the notes be enough to stop her path of destruction?

We can only hope that Debbie doesn’t eat paper.