Atlanta Cop Caught Napping on the Job Goes Viral

Source: Twitter

Like many residents in Atlanta, Georgia can attest, the crime rate in the populated city is getting out of control. Statistics show that the rate of violent crimes is rising rapidly. Unsurprisingly, many residents are alarmed and concerned about this recent trend. In 2015, there were 59 shootings in Atlanta. In just the first half of 2016, there have been 85 shootings.

Unfortunately, it appears that Atlanta residents cannot entirely place their trust in law enforcement to protect them.

Recently, a photo of an Atlanta law enforcement officer went viral over the weekend. The photo depicts the police officer slumped over in his squad car. The police officer is in his uniform and appears to be sound asleep. This picture was posted to a local Twitter account @GAFollowers late in the morning on Sunday. Since the photo went viral within a few hours, the Atlanta Police Department was forced to respond. The photo had gained over 700 likes and 600 retweets within a day.

While many are blaming President Obama and his open-borders policy for the increased crime rate, the mayor of Atlanta and the Atlanta Police Department both have assumed blame for the increased crime rates.

The Atlanta Police Department quickly tweeted that the officer has been identified and is being dealt with appropriately. So far, the Atlanta police department has not identified the name of the police officer found nodding off in a patrol unit on July 4.