Cam Newton Is A Better Man Than All You Haters Think



Anyone who has paid any attention to the NFL recently understands that Cam Newton is a lightning rod for attention. While his outfits and his antics on the field might be controversial, nobody can deny how big his heart is.

Newton recently fed over 900 children on Thanksgiving day. Furthermore, he visits the local children’s hospital in Charlotte regularly to spend time with the kids; however, one of his recent visits was particularly special.

Taylor Deckard is just 10 years old; however, he has been through more in his life than anyone should ever have to endure. He has a heart condition that consistently threatens his life and will need surgery to repair the condition.

Despite everything he has been through, his only wish was to meet his idol: Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. Cam Newton, the reigning NFL MVP, is never someone to turn down the wish of a child.

Cam Newton arrived at the children’s hospital and walked into young Taylor Deckard’s room. Deckard, wearing Cam Newton’s jersey from his Auburn years, was absolutely blown away to see his idol standing in front of him.

The expression on the faces of children, such as Taylor Deckard, is enough to make everyone’s heart just a little bit warmer. He has a look of pure shock, joy, and appreciation for what this superstar did for him.

This isn’t an isolated incident and Cam Newton serves as a shining example as to how people should stop to help out those around them. Taylor Deckard will never forget that moment.