15 Christmas Fails You Can’t Afford to Make This Year


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Christmas is a time of the year when you gather with family to look back, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Everyone is in a good mood, and though it’s chilly outside the world seems more beautiful than it usually does due to all the twinkling lights, parades, and presents.

But Chrismas doesn’t always come wrapped in a beautiful bow. This could be the year Uncle Larry over does it on the eggnog again. Or maybe this is just another year where Christmas dinner is ruined when cousin Rosa poses Grandma’s favorite Santa figurine in a compromising position.

This holiday is always full of surprises. Let’s take a look at some of the worst Christmas fails, and remind ourselves to proceed with caution.

1. Lights, Lights, Baby

Baby and Xmas lights

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You can’t always replicate what you see in the pictures.

Nothing is more adorable than those festive holiday infant pictures. For instance, the classic Christmas card pose of a baby sitting down holding a string of twinkling lights in its tiny, little hands. More than likely you have even received a few of these since your friends started having kids.

When you see how easy it looks to get this shot you might coo like two turtle doves at the thought of your own newborn surrounded by the magical haze of Christmas lights.

But let’s get back to reality. The baby isn’t going to sit happily while you try to take a picture. In fact, it’s more likely to be screaming its head off instead of whimsically smiling at the camera.

2. Lighting Up The Tree

The Tree

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Finally placing the star at the top of your tree is important.

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree can bring any family together, even if most family activities are dramatic or traumatizing. Christmas is a great excuse to leave all the stupid fights in the past and to come together as a unit for a magical moment; the final phase of holiday decorating.

Typically, many families like to let the youngest child place the star on the top of their tree. It can be a major moment of pride for both the parents and the baby of the family.

Nine times out of ten it all goes according to plan. Until it doesn’t.

3. Ready, Set, Baking Mistake

Backing mistake

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Sometimes it’s not as easy being a baking wizard.

Pinterest is probably the best/worst thing ever to happen to the internet.

It offers unique gift ideas and reveals seasonal hacks to help you power through any festivity. The holiday baking section probably holds the most whimsical and tantalizing ideas of all.

Each year people get inspired by their Pinterest boards filled with of 12 months worth of holiday cookie recipes. It’s a chance for novice bakers try to bake things that will make their in-laws regret the rum cake soaked criticisms of year’s fruit cake debacle.

But, baker beware. Just because the recipe says, DIY doesn’t mean you are the “Y” they are talking about.

Maybe you should leave it to the professionals this year.

4. Mason Jars Are the Best

mason jars

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They have so many uses and can add your personality to the room.

The tradition of gift-giving goes far back beyond Christian the tradition we know and love, to the days when pagan ceremonies dominated the season. These days, what you give is considered just as important as the gesture of giving itself.

When you have a lot of presents to purchase, sometimes it’s easier to make gifts for loved ones, preferably ones that are easy on your pocketbook but still look like they came from the store.

Mason jars are so versatile and can even be used to make Christmas themed snow globes. These DIY gifts can get a little crazy looking if you are not paying attention to the chemistry of the solution, so be careful not to turn your winter wonderland snow globe into a big glass of white out.

5. Furry Babies

furry baby

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People can’t forget about their loyal pets even during the holiday season.

You’ve taken your family portraits, and by the will of baby Jesus, by the time the gift-giving season has started your Christmas Cards should already in the mail.However, in a world where people spend as much money on pampering their pets as they do their kids, most pet lovers can’t help but make a furrier version of their Christmas card.

Time to get your pets in on the action so you can send out their adorable holiday cards to everyone. Except you might have a very uncooperative puppy or kitty on your hands. And a lot of wasted hours trying to get one good shot.

6. Brightening Up The House

Christmas lights

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Getting creative with Christmas lights.

They are an obnoxious Christmas tradition that you may have been dreading to untangle, but it just doesn’t look like the ‘most beautiful time of the year’ without them.

Christmas lights can turn the inconvenient amounts of snow clogging up your driveway into the magical glowing mounds of winter wonderland we all look forward to each year. But there are many people who take their creative Christmas light expression a little too far.

It is shocking to see what some neighbors call “family friendly” decorations after a few cups of eggnog.

Decorating your house and yard can become a delicate subject matter, but sometimes people don’t quite see how their efforts are a little…uninspired.

7. Not Suitable For Work

Santa's deer

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Even the reindeer are not safe during the holidays.

If Rudolph or any of the elves in Santa’s workshop knew people dressed up as them during Christmas and Halloween, they would be honored. However, there are a few reindeer costumes that should be tucked way in the back of the closet.

The naughty reindeer look isn’t a new idea but is attempted often. While the wearer might have good intentions, they should rethink wearing their costume to the holiday Christmas party. Unless they want to get fired. For those who are looking to keep their jobs till long after the Christmas party, consider wearing a tasteful Santa hat instead of a creative reindeer costume to impress a special someone, before you are escorted out of the office building.

8. Bad Behavior

all i want for xmas

Source: MrsNoMore

If you know what you want for Christmas, you can always send Santa your wish list directly to the North Pole instead of posting it on Facebook.

People tend to feel full of love and laughter during Christmas, but not everyone wants to embrace the joy of the season fully. Especially if things are frosty at home.

If that’s the case, they may try to make it nice and clear to their significant other how they are planning on spending the holiday, and the proceeding years to follow. Vandalizing your secret Santa’s car may not be subtle, but not much is during this season of over the top gestures.

Instagram user @nugget_nationwide was surprised to find this car in her parking garage, and shared the picture for all the world to see. Just in case you end up opening a few lumps of coal this year, just remember there are worst punishments for some people whose names are also on the naughty list.

9. Give The Gift

the worst gift

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Figuring out the right gift for your family members is rough.

Regardless if you have a small or large family, you usually want to get at least one gift for everyone in the spirit of the holiday. After hours of scouring the internet or local stores, you might notice the clock is ticking on the time you have left to purchase something.

So if you’re strapped for time and cash, try to get a small memorable gift. But make sure it’s not something like an air freshener or a can of old fruit cake.

On the off-chance that they want an air freshener or soap for Christmas, then by all means, grab one when you stop by Target. Otherwise, send out thoughtful cards instead.

10. Auto Correct Woes

christmas autocorrect

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Never trust your phone completely.

The Holiday season is a time to reconnect with the important people in your life and to let them know how much you care about them. But if you are using your cell phone to spread messages of love and goodwill, stay away from any potentially spiked punch bowls and keep an eye on your auto correct.

You could be sending the simplest and most uncontroversial message to your friend. But sometimes your phone doesn’t care about your intentions, and you will have to deal with the consequences. There’s nowhere you can run either, so you might as well face it head on and do a double scan before you hit send.

11. Seasons Greetings

family picture

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There’s nothing like gathering around the Christmas tree for pictures.

The whole gang is home, and you finally get to catch up with your cousin who’s been backpacking through Europe, whom you’re not jealous of. Whoever hosts the party will most likely want a group picture as a keepsake, and may even include the dogs.

Unfortunately, some dogs have a different definition of ‘being filled with Christmas spirit.’ In this touching picture, the family’s puppies had a celebration of the season would probably prompt Santa to usher the elves into another room.

The family portrait may have been ruined, but at least they had a funny anecdote to tell people at work.

12. It’s a Bad Sign

Bad Sign

Even if you’re intentions were good, you need to remember to spell check.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and schools around the country will have countless, rowdy children excited about their winter break.

Kids can get notoriously manic just at the thought of Santa Clause and a full week without homework, but it’s amazing how the fear of being on the naughty list will keep kids in line.

To keep some school children from devolving into a Winter Wonderland version of Lord of the Flies, teachers and faculty take extra time to put together fun activities and festive reminders. A sign reminding students that their favorite Christmas spirit is just around the corner is a great motivator for good behavior, but one missed letter in Santa’s name makes for a very different sentiment.

13. Build It Up

gingerbread house

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The quintessential treat of Christmas is the Gingerbread house.

The earliest memories you have of Grandma’s Christmas traditions might also include creating fun and charming gingerbread houses.

In the past few years, professional bakers and designers have shaken up the traditional look by creating castles, skyscrapers, and even exquisite examples of a Victorian house with gumdrop siding and all. They make it look so effortless that many people find themselves attempting to recreate some of the more extravagant gingerbread houses they loved on T.V.

However, when embarking on a construction venture in the world of high stakes cookie real estate, you always run the risk of ending your decorating session crying into your frosting-covered hands.

14. Hide the Drinks

hide the drinks

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Remember, some people like to have more fun on Christmas than others.

Hot chocolate is one of the staples for yule-time merriment. The drink was adopted by Spanish colonists from the Aztecs in the 1500s. Eventually, it became popular in Europe, but they added sugar to the recipe instead of chiles. Then the humble drink finally made its way into America.

It can be made a few different ways, and pairs nicely with alcohol, which might not always be a responsible decision.

If you know Aunt Tina or cousin Michael is coming to the house for the holiday, and you might not want to mention the festive drink idea this time around. Unless you aren’t paying attention, and they end up finding the Schnapps anyway.

15. Melty the Snowman

Strawberry Santa

Source: Pinterest Fail

Desserts are taking a turn for the worst.

If you are hosting this year, then it’s almost guaranteed that all you want for Christmas is for everything to go smoothly, and for your party planning to pay off. And for the most part, it probably will. Except for when you attempt to make those cute strawberry snowman cutouts that are on everyone’s Instagram this year.

These adorable treats can turn from delightful to disturbing in a heartbeat during a raging Christmas party if you don’t keep an eye on the temperature.

If your men look like they are melting before they get out of the kitchen, there’s no need to panic, but you might have to scrap the idea altogether and use your backup plan, i.e. a grocery store cake.