11 Fast Food Deals That Look Like They Would Give You Diabetes

Fast Food Deals That Look Like They Would Give You Diabetes

Source: AcidCow

Remember the time when fast food restaurants were starting caring about serving healthy food?

It was short-lived of course and would have lasted longer if customers purchased the lower calorie food. Today it seems that every restaurant chain is swinging back the other direction creating more and more monster food.

Need more evidence that our world is going to hell in a burger basket, just take a look at these recent fast food options available all over the world.

1. KFC’s Double Down

KFC Double Down

Source: Daliulian

The Double Down is double trouble.

The Double Down is a bacon and cheese sandwich that substitutes fried chicken fillets for an actual bun.

The 540-calorie sandwich contains 32 grams of fat and 1380mg of sodium – nearly a full day’s supply of artery clogging goodness. When it is on the menu, you can substitute the fried chicken for grilled chicken, but that still comes to 460 calories.

In Canada, the sandwich became KFC’s best-selling product ever. In 2010, KFC reported that the chain had sold 10 million of the sandwiches. In August 2015, American KFC made plans to bring back the traditional sandwich – for a limited time.

2. Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco

Taco Bell Waffle Taco

Source: PopSugar

A “balanced” breakfast wrapped up in a taco.

So the look and sound of a Waffle Taco seem unappetizing to some, it’s not too far off from its cousin, the McGriddle.

Taco Bell’s Waffle Taco features a taco shell-shaped waffle that holds eggs and bacon (or sausage) and comes with a side of maple syrup. Now, if you don’t like your sweets and salties sitting next to each other, then this isn’t your kind of meal.

It’s calorie count is lower than some of other items on this list with “just” 460 calories and 30 grams of fat. But, you could always add a side of two Captain Crunch Berries for 170 calories and 11 grams of fat more to fill you up.

3. KFC’s Double Down Dog

KFC Double Down Dog

Source: Pacifica

A backyard barbecue in a bun.

Ever have this inner debate with yourself: “Do I want chicken or a hot dog?”

If you live in the Philippines, you’re in luck! The Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in the Philippines tried out their twist on the Double Down earlier this year using a hot dog topped with cheese and wrapped up in a fried chicken filet.

Adding to the gimmick, only 50 Double Down Dog sandwiches have been available per day per location. In addition to money, this dog is going to cost you 962 calories.

4. Pizza Hut’s Chilli Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut’s Chili Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza

Source: HotSearchSite

Chili does not belong on pizza.

New Zealanders have found a way of ruining pizza … in more ways than one.

Last year, Pizza Hut rolled out (pun intended) the Chilli Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza (chili spelled with two “L”s).  Yes, the crust is “stuffed” with cheese-infused hot dogs and then the whole thing covered with a chili stew.

Each pizza came with packets of ketchup and mustard to add to the creation if you desired. The other option was the Cheesy Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza with Sweet Tomato-Mustard Sauce.

5. KFC’s Zinger Double Down King

KFC’s Zinger Double Down King

Source: Playboy

What every chicken sandwich needs – hamburger.

Not to be outdone by the other countries, the Kentucky Fried Chicken shops in Korea came up with their version of the Double Down last year.

The Zinger Double Down King is similar to the American version with cheese and bacon slipped between two fried chicken fillets masquerading as buns, only instead of cheese and bacon, this sandwich filling is meat patty.

It’s like eating a hamburger and a chicken sandwich at the same time. It’s two treats in one! (Hey, it worked for peanut butter and chocolate). But this combo doesn’t sit well with some people. And it shouldn’t.

This sandwich is full of 750 calories to boot.

6. Pizza Hut’s Crown Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut's Crown Crust Pizza

Source: iTakiTak

It’s hamburgers! It’s pizza! It’s both!

Another food mash-up in recent years has been the Cheeseburger Pizza which is a hamburger with cheddar cheese on a pizza crust.

Maybe throw in a few tomatoes and whatnot and the end, it is an open-faced cheeseburger. But in 2012, the Middle East Pizza Huts did it one better with their Crown Crust Pizza. This culinary disaster features a pizza middle with small “cheeseburger gems” around the outside topped with lettuce, tomato and “special sauce.”

It a food mash-up packed with tons of calories … we think. Finding new stories about this creation is easy. Finding a calorie count is a lot harder. But trust us. You could do better.

7. McDonald’s Gracoro Burger

Gracoro Burger

Source: HuffingtonPost

A macaroni and shrimp burger.

This food offering from the McDonald’s in Japan almost sounds elegant. Almost.

The Gracoro Burger is not a burger at all. Instead, it is a “patty” made from macaroni, shrimp and white sauce encased in a breadcrumb crust. The patty served with lettuce, cheese and a demi-glace sauce on a hamburger bun.

The seasonal croquette-like sandwich has been served in the restaurants during the winter since 1993. This burger’s popularity is not unlike the United States fascination with the Mr. Rib Sandwich.

Unlike some of these other monstrosities, this one has 406 calories.

8. Pizza Hut’s Double Decker Pizza

double decker pizza

Source: TuttoGreen

Just in time for the holidays.

This sounds more like a punishment rather than a “gift.”

For Christmas 2013, the Pizza Hut restaurants in Singapore created the Double Decker Pizza and boy was it an odd mix.

The top layer topped with turkey ham, Edam cheese, tomatoes, zucchini slices and a drizzle of mango mayonnaise. The bottom started with the familiar hand-tossed, stuffed crust but topped with chicken pepperoni and both red and green bell peppers – for Christmas coloring.

Very festive to enjoy by the tree surrounded by loved ones. Perfectly paired with egg nog or a peppermint mocha. Not.

9. Kit-Kat Pizza

Kit Kat Pizza

Source: Gawker

Relax, it is a dessert pizza.

Now for something weird, but just might be the tastiest item on this list.

The Japanese pastry chef Yasumaa Takagi created the bakeable Kit-Kat candy bar for Nestle Japan. The product puffs up in your toaster oven like Pop-Tart, only the sugar hardens into a sort of wafer biscuit. Got it?

Now, place it on a pizza. The Kit Kat and Mango Dolce Pizza, a dessert treat, is offered at Napoli no Kama.

It features the custard pudding flavor of Kit-Kat (really), mango slices, mixed nuts, Gorgonzola cheese sauce and honey maple sauce.

10. Lotteria’s 10-Patty ‘Attack On Titan” Burger

10 Patty Burger

Source: AcidCow

Why settle for five double deckers?

Not surprisingly, Lotteria’s 10-Patty Attack on Titan Burger looks better in their advertising than it does here, but this is a more realistic version of what you would receive from the chain.

This burger, inspired by the Attack on Titan Japanese manga series. The Titans are giant humanoid creatures that have a constant hankering for eating humans. This limited edition sandwich (thank God) was served in a paper sleeve with the profile of the character, Colossal Titan, which made him look like he was wearing a burger shaped hat.

Of course, the sandwich came with a bucket of fries and cost almost $20.

11. Lotteria’s Chocolate And Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Burger

The Chocolate and Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Burger

Source: FoodBeast

The name says it all.

Another limited item featured at Lotteria was Valentine’s Day-inspired sandwich: The Chocolate and Honey Mustard Grilled Chicken Burger. (Is your stomach turning yet?)

The sandwich contained a chicken thigh fillet marinated in white wine, garlic, and onions, whole-grain mustard sauce, yellow french mustard, honey, mayonnaise, topped with a milk chocolate sauce. Some critics reported that it tasted much better than it looked.

Oh, and if they do bring it back on the menu, be sure to try their french fries with the chocolate sauce. Yeah, right.