Food Science Has Finally Gone Too Far


Source: Imgur

Anyone who pays attention to the food industry recently knows there are some truly disgusting, awful food ideas out there. While some people call these ideas unique, most people just turn up their nose, face their palm to the sky, and ask why science has decided to drag beloved foods into the land of disgusting parody.

Although there have been lots of horrific food mashups thrust upon the general public (I’m looking directly at you, Loaded Doritos from 7/11), this one might be the worst one yet.

A company out of Denmark has created a microwavable pizza burger. This can be taken in two different ways, so let’s start by explaining that it is a burger with a pizza filling between the two buns. While this sounds like something which could be palatable, the company’s new flavor truly takes it way too far.


Source: Oetker.De

Behold, the hot dog pizza burger. Yes, this unholy trinity is the twisted combination of pizza, burger, and hot dog. It has burger buns with a pizza style filling in place of the hamburger patty;  however, this time the pizza is pieces of hot dog.

This is completely crossing the line. First of all, nobody even puts hot dog slices on their pizza. Already this idea is a non-starter. A combination of these three foods is less a novel experience that will thrill the taste buds and more a clash of disparate worlds that should never have been unleashed — much like the Weezer/Lil Wayne collaboration  “Can’t Stop Partying.”

Ultimately, Dr. Oetker, people are reacting to this monstrosity of a food concoction like this.