Guy Keeps Getting Text Messages For Girl And Pretends To Be Her


Source: Mirror

Some people just won’t take the hint when someone is not interested, and their targets resort to a fake phone number as the only way to get rid of them. Many people will give fake phone numbers to avoid having to screen phone calls and texts from people who won’t leave them alone. Even with the advent of online dating and the popularity it has gained, this still happens quite a bit in the bar scene.

Joey Royle is the victim of men who has been rejected by a girl named Elsie. She’s been giving out this 23-year-old man’s number for years. Joey, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, gets many calls and texts from people who are interested in Elsie.

Joey wrote on Facebook: “It’s the age-old riddle. What do you do when a girl in Melbourne is giving out your number as her fake random number when she’s rejecting sleazy dudes? Do you a) clear up the misunderstanding, or b) #becomeElsie and organise a date.”

He has never met Elsie, but he decided to have some fun responding to one of her pursuers via text.


Joey takes the unsuspecting guy far enough that he ends up about to meet “Elsie” on a date, only to be told she can’t make it. “Elsie” is now grounded because her mother found out she was out. Joey continues the charade by pretending to be yet another person answering for Elsie and tells the guy Elsie died.

However, the jilted guy did pick himself up and kept going when he found out he had been talking to a man named Joey. Joey has had many conversations with other men too, one who wanted a refund after buying Elsie a drink two weeks earlier.