Man Up Or Shut Up: A Guide To Success

A Guide to Success
Source: Cara-Foto

So often we are afraid to take a risk because we fear the consequences. People can make themselves crazy by examining all the things that can go wrong with a risk to the point that they live their lives by not taking any risks at all.

In the movie Everest, a mountain climbing adventure that goes wrong with a snowstorm. Fear overtakes many of the members of the expedition, but the survivors face the situation head on.

Their survival depended on being able to think clearly and carry out a positive plan. The mountain climbers are helpless to stop the impending snowstorm, but they can take steps to survive, so long as they think clearly. Fear is replaced by rationale thinking and decision-making to help them overcome adversity.

In my life, there have been many instances in which fear could have overcome my ability to make decisions. History books are not filled with people who let fear overcome all of their achievements, but people who went forward accepted what they could not change, and made the decision to overcome the fear that was holding them back.

In your life as in mine, it is important to identify the mountains that we are to climb, determine the risks involved and then carry forward with a security that it is the best decision to be made. Forget the fear, and conquer your mountain.