Parent Scares Naughty Kid Nice

Scary Clowns

Source: OddityCentral

Holloween is a distant memory for those of us who went out and bought a Christmas Tree before our jack-o-lanterns were in the garbage. With the scary holiday season drifting out of sight and out of mind like fall foliage, many hoped that the onset of the scary clown pranks that relentlessly played on the news and internet this year would also go out of fashion. The pranks became a viral sensation as people took to dressing up as clowns on the side of the road to scare unsuspecting pedestrians and drivers. Unfortunately for sufferers of Coulrophobia, some parents are taking October’s frightening trend and turning it into a way to ensure good behavior from their children all year round.

Recently, a father took advantage of an advertisement that was trying to drum up business for a local clown called “Lingo.” When the father reached out to the number on the advertisement, the clown was shocked to learn what the father actually wanted to hire him for.

The father had been struggling with the unruly behavior of his rambunctious son for months when he first saw the popular scary clown videos his friends were sharing on Facebook, and that’s when got an idea.  Instead of hiring a clown to dance and blow balloons for his son’s birthday party, the father instead wanted to hire a clown to intentionally scare his child next time he began to fall back into his bad behavior. Of course, the clown was completely taken aback, but he couldn’t resist the idea of expanding his business upon discovering that he may have found an undiscovered niche in the clown industry.

This year, your child has an extra reason to stay on Santa’s nice list. Kids who find themselves on their parent’s naughty list come December 24th may find that the usual presents  waiting for them under the tree may have been traded out for a nightmare before Christmas.