Photographer Tracked Down People To Recreate Photos He Took 30+ Years Ago

Chris Porsz Time Hop Pictures

Source: TwistedSifter

From 1970-1990 amateur street photographer named Chris Porsz spent his day walking around the city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire from the determined to capture images of the hundreds of interesting characters that lived there. He took photos of siblings, couples, punks, friends, working people and anyone else who would let him.

Over 30 years later, he decided to recreate those photos with the same people in the same locations. He then gathered all the photos together and put them in a book called Reunions.

The book is not only filled with then-and-now pictures he captured. He also collected the amazing stories of the people in the photos to share with their images.

Here are some of the best stories from his astonishing collection.