See Holly Hagan’s Shocking Transformation

Source: Scandal Buzz

Everyone loves stories of rags to riches, particularly when the story concerns celebrity makeovers. Stories of celebrities completely changing their appearance to look more visually attractive than ever before give everyone hope for the future. This is exactly what happened with MTV star Holly Hagan.

Holly Hagan is best known for being a glamour girl for the show called “Geordie Shore.” While she was always attractive, she worked hard to completely revamp her appearance to make herself more attractive for the show and more marketable for other entertainment opportunities. Looking back, did her hard work ever pay off. She was even recently featured on an episode of “Celebrity 100% Hotter!”

As Hagan reflected on the hard work that led to her transformation, she opened up about being bullied when she was younger for being fat. Given her appearance now, it’s hard to believe that anyone could ever call her fat. As she continued to discuss her transformation, at first she was scared at her current appearance. She didn’t even know how to dress. Now, she’s almost ashamed of her appearance that she wants to hide it. She tried to use makeup to do so but was even criticized for her makeup. She sometimes thinks that she cannot do anything right.

On the other hand, her transformation is absolutely remarkable and serves as an inspiration to women everywhere. She said that she loves and feels like a woman, adding that “if I were a boy, I would take me home.”