The Dumbest Religions On Earth, Ranked.


Source: eldar nurkovic

If this were a reasonable conversation, we’d begin this blurb by saying how there are many different faiths on Earth and all of them have something beautiful to offer. But clearly you saw the title, and you clicked anyway, so we’ll just go ahead and say that the world is filled with people who live their lives according to a bunch of crappy rules determined by their preferred imaginary friend.

Yes, billions of people around the world have strange religious customs that affect not only their lives but the lives of the people around them. But have you ever wondered whose imaginary friend is dumbest? Well, wonder no more!

We’ve arranged a seriously scientific, well-thought-out ranking of the worst religions on Earth that’s guaranteed to leave you all feeling angry and alone in the chaotic sea of troubles we call a universe.

Let’s begin, shall we?