Watch This Golfing Girl Go For A Hole-In-One!

Sexy Chick Golfing

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Careful ladies and gents, you might be needing a drool bucket for this one! For all of you that thought that golf was all old white guys wearing polo shirts then you have been so, so wrong and this girl will prove it to you. Women’s golfers have been on the up and up in the past few years, and women like Paige Spiranac have made sure that it’s something to look at as well!

But now someone else might be challenging her crown for hottest female golfer alive, and boy will this girl drive the point home (see what we did there?). Her name is Maria Rodriguez and she is the brunette to Spiranac’s blonde bombshell. Rodriguez is currently a college golfer at the University of South Florida where she is in her junior season. And the golfing talent must run in the family since her brother Carlos Rodriguez is also a golfer, and currently plays on the PGA Tour in Latin America. Since her last season where she made the roster in 9 South Florida tournaments, Maria Rodriguez has been an incredible golfer with 5 Top 25 finishes and she even placed second at the Florida Challenge.

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But let’s get back to the good stuff: Maria Rodriguez is also on the start of a burgeoning modelling career, as you can see on her stunning Instagram page. With dark curls, perfectly tanned skin and the ever-popular pouty lips it’s not hard to see that Maria Rodriguez is hitting it hard in the modelling field as well as the golf course. There is no current word about whether she is signing with a modelling agency, although with that figure she sure as hell could pick her favourite and name her fees!

Why Maria Rodriguez is in the news right now is for different reason, although it is still to do with golf. Rodriguez recently posted a short Instagram video of her taking a swing at a golf ball positioned on a friend’s butt. The courageous teammate is a freshman called Maria Merchan, although she had nothing to worry about with a pro like Rodriguez taking the swing! Even though the video was made just for fun, you can see that her form and drive is completely smooth and that it was one seriously good shot.

Apart from golf and modelling, this young up-and-coming sports star is also interested in yoga and often posts inspirational photos of her incredible work and poses in her other favourite pastime. Not only is she multi-faceted, but on her website she also states that her aspirations are to work with children in sport.

A kind nature, a good sense of humour and one seriously professional golf swing is all this girl needs to make it to the top. Whether it be through yoga, modelling or golfing, we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing this name on all the sports pages in the future!