13 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Life

1. It Can Get You Kicked Out of School


Source: YouTube

Say goodbye to the days of innocent drunken ramblings and behavior.

A lot of college kids choose to party. Although it doesn’t make it right, drinking is just a part of the university behavior. There have been many college students who have made drunken fools of themselves after a night of drinking and woken up the next morning to the same life. Not Luke Gatti.

Gatti was a student at the University of Connecticut until a drunken night and social media backlash completely changed his life. Like many other students, he got really drunk. While intoxicated, he wandered to the school’s cafeteria and repeatedly demanded jalapeno-bacon macaroni and cheese.

The cafeteria workers would not serve him because he was standing there with an open can of beer, but he just wouldn’t take no for an answer. Gatti kept running his mouth until the encounter turned physical — and, of course, it was all caught on camera phone and shared to social media.

The video spread across the Internet faster than you can say jalapeno bacon mac and cheese. Although Gatti released an apology video, he is no longer a student at the University. It is unclear if that was the school’s decision or his decision.

Either way, this video will probably hang over him for the rest of his life.